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Eric Chavez Baseball was started with a purpose of bringing professional baseball instruction and equipment to the City of San Diego where Eric Chavez grew up and throughout the Nation to all those to love the game. Through Eric Chavez Baseball, players are presented with the EC Baseball Academy, Diego Bats, and Brown Gloves, each developed by Eric Chavez.

Although Eric Chavez called the Oakland Athletics his home throughout his professional 12-year career, his heart and soul lives in San Diego, where he considers himself a ‘San Diegan’ for life, so much so that he even named his first born son Diego! As a 1996 graduate of Mt. Carmel High School in Rancho Penasquitos, Eric Chavez earned All-American honors, won two CIF championships, and was the 10th overall pick by the Oakland Athletics in the 1996 draft. In addition to the talent Eric brought to Mt. Carmel, his parents have continued their involvement as coaches of the Mt. Carmel Softball team where they have won an amazing 4 CIF titles in a row!

Having spent years away from San Diego after benefiting so much from the people and City, Eric has decided “its time to give back!”

Eric’s 12-year career in Oakland has allowed him to see baseball at its best and witness the changing strategies and equipment used by the various players throughout the major leagues. Over the last few years, Eric witnessed major league baseball changing its rosters to younger players. There was a time when most teams only carried 2 rookies at the most, where teams now carry 5-6 rookies in addition to players with less than 4 years experience at the big league level. In fact, the Oakland A’s were the first organization to break this trend and ‘go young’.

Although youthful talent brings an exciting energetic game, polished techniques and knowledge of how to play the game are lacking. Although Eric entered the major leagues as a young player in a young organization, Eric was blessed to learn how to play the game the right way from a young age. His parents, life long friend and coach Steve Munson, and club team coach Mike Epstien, retired veteran of the Oakland A’s, were each knowledgeable of how to play the game from both years of experience and experience at the major league level. This attention to detail, respect for the game at such a young age, and a heart bent on serving Jesus Christ, were the cornerstone to the player Eric Chavez became and is today.

This cornerstone is the focus of Eric Chavez Baseball, its equipment, and the EC Baseball Academy. The academy was developed to take serious baseball players who want to become better players, use the best equipment, and learn to respect and play the game the right way. Eric Chavez Baseball, Diego Bats, Brown Gloves, and the EC Baseball Academy are built by retired players, coaches, and people who are devoted to serving Jesus Christ. Those who comprise this organization are dedicated to sharing their experiences and life lessons from their walk with the Lord while sharing their love and knowledge for the game of baseball.

“I’ve always lived by this verse since high school…Phillipians 4:13 – You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.”

Eric Chavez

Eric truly believes his talent and career were a blessing from God, and gives Him all the glory. We hope you each enjoy the blessings of having God in your heart and hope you have the opportunity to experience His grace! – Glory to God

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